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Commercial Cleaning During a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 crisis enters another year, hygiene and sanitation are key to interrupting the high transmission rate and protecting our communities. As a business owner, you’ve had your fair share of challenges over this entire debacle. Not only are you struggling to keep your staff and customers safe, but to keep your doors open as well. Incorporating a high standard of cleanliness into your operations can help achieve both of those goals in these uncertain times.


Public Health & Safety

According to Public Health Canada, physical distancing and environmental cleaning significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The environmental cleaning referred to involves several new practices that were traditionally only used in places like hospitals. Now businesses must ensure that all high touch areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a constant basis. This includes doorknobs, counters, handrails, light switches, and more. While much of this can be incorporated into your current staff’s workload, it can significantly slow down your operations. The solution is to divvy up the work between your staff and a professional cleaning team. 


Streamline the Necessities 

Your staff are already expected to manage several new expectations in light of the pandemic. Encouraging customers to social distance, guarding the doors so that the new capacity limit isn’t exceeded, and asking customers to wear masks properly or sanitize their hands before entry are all new roles that they have to fill in addition to doing the job they were hired for. Depending on your operations, dedicating time to extra cleaning may just not be possible. Hiring a professional cleaner to regularly deep clean helps to achieve the necessary sanitization without burning out your staff. You can also choose when the cleaners come in, meaning that they can come in after hours or before the rush so as not to interrupt the times you are open to the public.


Customer Confidence

Simply piquing consumer interest is not a sufficient draw anymore. With restrictions still in place and the threat of infection looming over our heads, consumers aren’t blindly going into retail establishments, salons, and the like. They want to know what a company is doing to keep them safe. It is your job as a business owner to create a hygienic, low-touch experience within your facility, and to communicate that to the public. While we can’t send out COVID-related memos to your customers, we can maintain a visibly clean environment that will help to develop a relationship of trust with them. 

Albertan businesses are the crux of our economy and our community. Keeping them clean and safe is imperative to keeping them open. If you’re a business in Calgary looking to step up your game with a professional cleaner, contact our team of experts today! 

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