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Professional Cleaning Small Space

Professional Cleaning for Small Spaces

When some people think of residential cleaning services, their mind jumps to images of massive detached homes in Bel-Aire or Elbow Park, but did you know that you can have professional cleaners work on your apartment or condo, too? A great clean isn’t reserved just for large spaces, in fact, small spaces can greatly benefit from regular visits from the experts, like our team at Zanjani Cleaning. In this week’s article, we want to take the time to focus specifically on professional cleaning services for homes that aren’t full houses, and why you should consider it for yours!


Higher Clutter Potential

Getting organized and keeping clean can be difficult when you live in an apartment simply because you can’t fit as many things nicely into a smaller space. Over time, this clutter can get out of hand and severely impact your ability to efficiently clean. Grime builds up and becomes harder to deal with. A combination of occasional purging and regular professional cleaning can help get into all those nooks and crannies so that your home isn’t harbouring debris or harmful bacteria.

Poor Ventilation

The reality of living in a multi-unit building is that there are fewer windows and more people. As a result, there is more activity in a structure with less air circulation. Add in carpets and more concentrated levels of pollutants and naturally, air quality takes a hit. This can reduce the quality of life in those with allergies or respiratory illnesses such as asthma or COPD. Professional cleaners can help you take back control of your unit’s indoor air quality by reducing or even eliminating harmful contaminants. 

Move-In/Move-Out Services

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the germs or grime left behind by the previous tenants or convincing your landlord that you kept the place well enough to earn your damage deposit back. While you’re worrying about organizing your life into tiny boxes, booking the moving company, and scheduling a walkthrough, professional cleaners can step in and take care of the deep cleaning. 


Apartments and condos deserve great cleaning just as much as detached homes. In fact, these smaller spaces have unique considerations which would greatly benefit from professional services. When you’re ready to book an appointment to have your apartment or condo cleaned, contact our team at Zanjani Cleaning Services! 

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