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Prevent Sick Employees with Office Cleaning

Preventing Sick Employees with A Consistent Professional Cleaning

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Providing a safe work environment is an important part of ensuring they stay happy and healthy, even in these unprecedented times. Supplying masks and enforcing social distancing is only half the battle, your facility should be consistently cleaned to stop the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens. 

Targeting Sources of Sickness

There are many places where viruses, bacteria, and other nasties can thrive unnoticed. As professional cleaners, we know exactly where to clean and the best ways to do so. High-touch areas are notorious for collecting germs and transferring them from person to person. Door knobs, countertops, and faucets are all examples where one staff member may leave more behind than they bargained for. While consistent sanitization is still necessary, it isn’t always feasible to be wiping down these surfaces every single time they are touched. A professional cleaner will use products that make it hard for bacteria to adhere, further amplifying your cleaning efforts. 

Improving Respiratory and Immune Health

Mould and mildew will sneak into any crack where moisture can be found, multiplying and spreading faster than you can spot it. The symptoms are subtle at first, nose and throat irritation, exacerbation of respiratory illnesses, maybe even a cough. All of these are primary COVID-19 symptoms, meaning that you’ll have to send the afflicted individual home to quarantine in the hopes it isn’t the dreaded virus. In this way, having a trained cleaner routinely go through your facility and eliminate fungal transmission won’t only improve the health of your people but reduce sick days as well.

Inspiring Productivity

It’s no secret that the mental health implications of the pandemic are weighing on all of us. Creating a safe space where staff members feel healthy and don’t have to struggle with unsanitary work areas will do wonders for their mood and sense of self. According to a report by the CDC, “companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day.” If your people feel good, they will be more attentive, collaborative, and ultimately, productive. In sum, everyone wins in a clean environment. 


Regular cleaning doesn’t just let your people know you care about them, it is a tangible way of fostering good mental and physical health in the workplace. Don’t wait for an outbreak at your facility, improve conditions now by booking regularly scheduled cleaning through our team at Zanjani Cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you!   

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