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Post Winter Commercial Clean Up - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Expert Calgary Cleaners

Post Winter Commercial Clean Up

Winter and spring with their salted roads, gravel, and muck have disappeared and left us with sunny, warm days. But while most of us think of spring as the ideal time to declutter, reorganize, and scrub every nook and cranny of our homes and businesses, we actually recommend these hot summer days for having your business’s post-winter exterior clean up.


Whether your business has offices or a storefront, windows play an incredibly important role in how both your clients and employees feel inside your commercial space. Filthy windows coated in dirt let in less light and make the space feel less open. They also demonstrate a disregard for details. Working in a disorganized and dirty workspace can eat away at employee morale and pride in their job. Gross windows can also make it hard for potential customers to see into your shop, and they may leave clients wondering what other important tasks aren’t getting done.

Commercial Mowing and Landscaping.

Another important piece of your post-winter exterior clean up is any storefront yard or grounds. Your yard will need to be raked to remove any remaining decayed leaves or twigs from winter. You may also need to aerate if the soil is too compact. An overgrown lawn full of weeds and garbage gives a poor first impression to any potential customers, so it’s important to have a trusted team ensuring that lawn is mowed and kept tidy.

Pressure Washing is one of the best ways to remove the layer of caked on dirt, mud, and unidentified substances that inevitably find their way onto exterior walls, doors, and windows. Calgary businesses in particular have to deal with the occasional dust storm, as well as the salt and gravel of winter and the mud of spring. All these factors can lead to a grungy exterior, but pressure washing offers an affordable cleaning method that leaves your business looking new. Pressure washing has long been considered one of the best ways to clean most exterior materials, and our experts know how to carefully wash away grime without damaging any of the surfaces.

While spring may be the perfect time to scrub your business’s interior and make sure all the neglected corners get swept and sanitized, summer is best for taking care of your business’s exterior. If you’re ready for your business to look its best, contact the expert Calgary cleaners at Zanjani today!

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