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Carpet Steam Washing for Residential and Commercial Spaces - Zanjani Cleaning Services - Cleaners in Calgary

Carpet Steam Washing for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Carpets are fantastic. They add warmth to a room, they’re comfortable underfoot, and they’re generally easy to keep maintained. However, no flooring is perfect, and one of the biggest flaws of carpets is that they’re perpetually dirty.

Dirt, mud, and even fecal matter come in on each person’s shoes and is deposited straight onto the carpet. This is even worse for commercial spaces as people generally don’t remove their shoes inside of a business. While vacuuming regularly can help to keep dust and allergens in the carpet under control, much of the dirt and grime stays behind. So what can you do to actually clean your carpets?

Steam cleaning is one of the best and most effective ways to actually deep clean your carpets. The steam kills microscopic pests and encourages the fibers of the carpet to release dirt and dust, so they can be removed from the carpet. A steam cleaning will also destroy mould and mildew that may be building up in your carpet, and a regularly scheduled steaming will help you to maintain the air quality in you home or business.

At Zanjani, we pride ourselves on offering one of the best, eco-friendly, deep carpet cleanings you can find in the Calgary area. Our pre-spray and deep-spray kills off all the bacteria that make your carpets stink, and our high-pressure suction ensures no dust, dirt, or mess escapes. Our steam washing is an effective method for all carpets, rugs, and upholstery, so be sure to speak with our cleaning experts about everything you want steamed and sanitized.

Steam cleaning carpets doesn’t just make them look and feel better, it also helps to remove toxic gasses, allergens, mould, and other nasty stuff that can collect inside the fibers. A steam cleaning will leave your home or business smelling fresher and the air cleaner. We recommend having a steam cleaning for your carpets regularly, but how often is going to depend on the frequency of foot traffic through a particular area. In order to most effectively keep your unique space perfectly clean, speak to one of the professional cleaners at Zanjani Cleaning Services today.

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