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Cleaning Dusty Office

Office Getting Dusty? Might be Time for a Cleaning!

There’s nothing worse than when the sunshine streams in the windows and reveals layers and layers of dust build-up on all the surfaces in your office. Not only is it unsightly, but it negatively impacts indoor air quality and can cause allergic reactions in some of your employees. Cleaning a dusty office is an ongoing chore and should be dealt with accordingly. Here are some of the best ways to keep dust under control and out of your workspace.


Throw Away the Feather Duster. Unfortunately, feather dusters don’t actually remove much dust, they mostly serve to agitate it and send it back into the air. If you use them, you’ll be working twice as hard since the dust is just moving from one surface to the next. Brooms work in a similar fashion. Microfibre cloths, vacuums, and mops will always be more effective. 


Target Problem Areas. While dust can collect virtually anywhere, there are certain places where it seems to flourish. Air vents are particularly notorious for this. Not only do they collect dust, but the air that flows through them will continually circulate throughout the office. Wipe them down and shake them out at least once a week. Blinds can also collect lots of dust and should be cleaned regularly. 


Don’t Let it In. Surprisingly, most dust is brought in from the outside. If possible, encourage your employees to hang their jackets and bags in a different room than where all your desks and cubicles are. This strategy won’t eliminate dust entirely, but it will do a great job at reducing it! 


Clean Strategically. When you do begin your weekly routine of cleaning, start on higher surfaces like blinds, door frames, and cupboards, then work your way down. Any dust that escapes your cleaning equipment will float down and settle. If you start at the top, all that disturbed dust will be cleaned as you go.


Clean Regularly. Cleaning a dusty office may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but doing it regularly will help keep the workspace looking great and your employees feeling healthy. Staff should be responsible for cleaning their areas, but in some cases, it’s not realistic to expect your people to take time from their duties to dust the whole office. Consider hiring a janitorial service to come in on a set schedule to stay on top of the more tedious tasks like dust control.  

If the spring sunshine is revealing a dust problem in your office, the above tips will get you back to normal in no time! A little extra time and effort spent on cleaning and removing dust go a long way in creating a healthy, productive workplace for your biggest asset, your people. Our team at Zanjani Cleaning Services can help your Calgary-based business stay sparkling and dust-free. Find out more about our commercial and office cleaning services by reaching out to us today! 

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