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A Clean Workspace Benefits Employees

A Clean Workspace and the Benefits it has on Your Employees

You want your business to look appealing to your clients, but what about your staff that occupy this space nearly every single day? A clean workspace is so much more than just making the place look good, it can improve productivity and even the mental and physical health of your employees. Here are just some of the ways that cleanliness benefits your business and the people that help make it run. 

Improved Focus & Productivity

A study by Princeton University found that clutter and mess are incredibly distracting for workers. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise for anyone who has tried to work in an unclean office. As much as we need to complete a task, our eyes and eventually our thoughts will always pull towards those problem areas. Eliminating that distraction helps to increase productivity in your employees. 

Enhanced Mood

Appearances aren’t everything, but they do have a profound impact on our moods. A clean space can even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Enhanced moods can inspire better collaborations, efficient stress management, and creative sparks. Your staff can come into the space inspired and ready to work each day, instead of being subconsciously pulled down by grime and disorganization.   

Better Indoor Air Quality

In addition to the mental health benefits of a clean workspace, regular cleaning does wonders to improve indoor air quality. Your staff could be breathing in biological contaminants, chemical pollutants, and particles every day while they are at work. Over time, this has a negative impact on the health and wellness of a building’s occupants. Irritated respiratory illness, allergies, and increased sick days are all symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Regular cleaning helps to trap mould, mildew, dust, and other particles before they circulate throughout the building.

Reduce Safety Hazards

Keeping your employees safe is an important aspect of running any type of business. The messier a workspace, the more opportunity for staff to get hurt or sick. Trips, slips, burns, and more are all serious incidents that can usually be avoided if the area is kept tidy and clean. For example, if food is spilled behind a counter and not properly cleaned it could attract mice. The droppings could be infected with hantavirus or something similar and cause your employees to become ill. 


Cleanliness is so much more than an aesthetic improvement, studies have shown time and again that it impacts the mental and physical health of your staff. Investing in regular cleaning is the obvious choice for conscientious business owners looking to support their people and grow their business. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services from a company you can trust, look no further than Zanjani Cleaning Services. Reach out to our team of experts today to request a free quote!

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