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Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

According to there are over 8 million domesticated cats and 7 million domesticated dogs living in Canadian households. That doesn’t even account for all the other kinds of pets we hold dear as important family members. After all the cuddles and games of fetch, however, comes the cleanup. If you’ve ever struggled with carpet cleaning as a pet owner, this article is for you!

Dry Messes

Do you feel like you’re always cleaning up your pets’ hair? Fur has a penchant for clinging to absolutely everything, leaving your home covered in layers of the stuff if you’re not careful! Stay on top of vacuuming your carpets so that the hair doesn’t wind its way into the fibres and get stuck forever. Other ways to get pet hair and other dry messes out of your rugs is to wrap masking tape around an old paint roller or rake your carpet with a rubber-bristle carpet rake. Depending on how much your pets shed, a good clean at least once a week should do the trick!

Wet Messes

Urine and feces are just a couple of the things you probably weren’t thinking about when you picked up your little bundle of joy from the shelter. Unfortunately, these bodily functions sometimes do happen indoors, and the resulting wet messes require an immediate response. Start by blotting up excess liquid, but be careful not to press too hard as this forces the liquid deep into the carpet. Once you’ve removed what you can with a paper towel or cloth, bring out a bio-enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners are designed to target pet messes through the use of beneficial bacteria and enzymes.   

Stubborn Stains

Stains present a unique challenge to pet owners, usually caused by messes left too long or treated improperly. For example, steam cleaners can actually set stains instead of getting rid of them. Carpet cleaners, sometimes called extractors, come in all shapes and sizes and can help eliminate stains. There are some reasonably priced models on the market that can even be handheld. They work by directing the cleaning solution deep down into your carpet fibres, then sucks it all back up, solution and stain alike, into its reservoir. 

Lingering Odours

Pets leave their scent through a variety of methods; sometimes intentionally and other times as a unique side effect of accidentally peeing on the carpet out of excitement. Baking soda and other common deodorizers often just mask the smell, meaning that they could come back later. You need to use an enzyme treatment to truly eradicate foul pet odours. If you’re struggling to get a fresh smell, even with all the right tools, consider this: chemical residue already living in your carpet can inhibit the enzymatic power of cleaning solutions. So sometimes you may need to use a carpet extractor with just water to flush all that build up out before trying an enzyme treatment. 


When keeping on top of regular carpet cleaning becomes a little too much to bear or you simply want a fresh, clean start, consider the professional cleaning services we offer at Zanjani Cleaning. We offer exceptional carpet cleaning for residential properties. Whether you need a deep clean or routine service, we can help! Give us a call at 587-741-0778 to get started. 

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