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What Type of Cleaning Schedule Works for You

Lots of Albertans simply rely on looking around the house and seeing what’s messy as their tactic for cleaning. However, this technique can often lead to you feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do and subsequently losing motivation until it’s necessary for a “big clean”. Taking the time to put together a cleaning schedule that encompasses the responsibilities, time, and energy of everyone in your family can ease up the hassle of it all. The question is, how do you know what type of schedule your home needs?


Task-Based or Room-Based?

Before you even begin making a list of all your chores, it is important to identify what type of cleaner you are. Some Calgarians like to clean by completing one task at a time all over the house, like vacuuming all of the floors and then washing all the windows. However, if that’s not your preferred cleaning style, it can be frustrating to try and get things done that way! You may prefer to focus on cleaning up room-by-room. Embrace whichever structure makes you feel the most successful while cleaning! Celebrating the small goals as you go along will keep you energized.


Big Cleans or Little Cleans?

Once you’ve made a list of all the chores in your home, it’s important to be honest with yourself about how cleaning makes you feel. Pair chores that make you feel energized with ones you’re less excited by so you can spread your energy across tasks. If you hate cleaning, it’s better not to leave everything to one day. Choose quick tasks you can do daily and play a podcast, playlist or show while you work! Remember that homes are never perfectly clean and they aren’t supposed to be. A little bit of mess shows you who is living there. Once you’ve finished your schedule for the day you can rest knowing that it is clean enough.


Daily or Monthly?

Whatever you choose, don’t worry about getting it all done in one day. If you know certain days of the week are super busy for you, then make sure you take it easy on the cleaning schedule. If this is your first time making a cleaning schedule, you may want to stick to a simple, week-long list that tells you what chores to do each day. If you need inspiration, this list over at The Spruce is a great place to start! However, if you’re already a scheduling pro, we recommend switching it up to a monthly schedule. This ensures that you’re remembering some of those infrequent chores, like dusting the tops of cabinets and window-washing.


If you’re still struggling to get it all done after you’ve made a schedule, the truth might be that you just don’t have time! Get help from Zanjani Cleaning Services today to keep your home at your standards, without putting in double time. Our flexible schedule and customizable cleaning packages means that we can take care of your family’s needs without any extra costs. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote on your home’s customized cleaning checklist.

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