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Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean - Zanjani Cleaning - Professional Cleaners Calgary

Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

At Zanjani Cleaning, we’re honoured to work with so many great Calgary businesses who need a little extra help to keep everything sparkling. Commercial kitchens frequently need a dedicated team of cleaners, and that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. While a polished store front is important for attracting customers, ensuring that a commercial kitchen is clean is necessary to ensure the safety and health of guests.


From the tables your guests eat at to every square inch of the kitchen, disinfecting surface is extremely important in preventing cross contamination and illness. Chairs, dining surfaces and more can all become contaminated with bacteria and viruses from guests, while the kitchen surfaces are always at war with microbes and fungi. Disinfecting surfaces after each cooking shift will help to eliminate illness and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Fight Grease.

While not a challenge all commercial kitchens face, a buildup of grease is a common issue for many restaurants and kitchens. Ineffective cleaning products and methods often leaves grease to build up on surfaces and the floor. The National Floor Safety Institute suggests that built up grease may be responsible for over 50% of all spills, trips, and falls. Our Calgary team of professional, commercial cleaners can help remove this grease, preventing injuries, lawsuits, and a bad reputation.

Invest in Great Help.

Restaurants can be busy, chaotic places. It can be extremely difficult for staff to balance the present demands of customers with the need to keep every surface pristine. A Calgary commercial cleaning team like Zanjani can help your team focus on what they do best by taking care of the mess.

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is necessary if you want to run a successful restaurant. Our staff is experienced at cleaning kitchens, and they only use certified eco-friendly products that are child safe. Contact the expert, commercial cleaners at Zanjani today at 403-668-1665, and enjoy how our professional cleaners make your kitchen shine.

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