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Moving Cleaning Services

While many Canadians have no interest in moving in the middle of winter, sometimes there just isn’t any other option. Students starting post secondary for the first time in January or leaving after a final fall semester, young professionals who have been transferred by work, and others may have no choice but to move to a new location. Moving is hard enough with all the back-aching, heavy boxes. Don’t add back-aching scrubbing to your to-do list.

Take a Breath.

Here at Zanjani, we understand that moving can be very stressful. Often times you have a million things to do on a very tight deadline, but we’re here to help. We know that cleaning out your old place can be overwhelming. Forget all the dust and debris created by packing, most people haven’t cleaned their stove in 3 years and the dust monsters behind the fridge could frighten a small child. Let our top-to-bottom cleaning service take a load off of your back, and let you feel proud of your old home even as you’re excited for the future.

100% Child and Pet Safe.

Our Calgary cleaning team is committed to the environment and making lives healthier. That’s why our expert cleaners only use 100% eco-friendly cleaners that are child- and pet-friendly. Whether you have a family or the person moving into your old place does, you can feel confident that your old and new home will be sparkling clean and safe to live in.

We Accommodate you!

Every home and family is different. Many Calgarians are happy to sweep their floors and dust before they move, but they need help with the high windows or some other task. Others want to just leave everything in our capable hands. We’re here to say that both are perfectly fine. Our team is infinitely flexible and ready to help you in exactly the way you need. It’s our pleasure to customize our services and offer you the package you need. So whether you need help with one room or everything, our team is ready to help!

Are you moving out or moving into a new place? A thorough, professional deep cleaning will help you to feel better and make sure there aren’t any surprises for you or the folks moving into your old home. Let our cleaners help you get back your security deposit and love your new home.

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