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Keeping Your Family Safe through Cleaning

As a parent or caregiver, nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. The ongoing pandemic has put everyone at risk, including the ones you love most. It can feel like you have the world on your shoulders trying to protect them. But you’re not alone. We are all in this together and delegating out some of the load can actually reduce the spread of infection. Here is how professional cleaning helps create a safe space in your home for your family.


Targeting High-Touch Areas

You’re likely aware of the high-touch areas in public spaces like restrooms, doors, and garbage can lids, but the same concept applies to your home. Going to work, the grocery store, school, or even out for a socially distanced walk with a friend all incur some level of risk that could be brought back at the end of the day. Professional cleaners are trained to target high-touch areas like tables, toilets, countertops, light switches, and remote controls. Doing so will eliminate potentially dangerous particles picked up while you and your family were going about your day.


Effective Cleaning of Soft Surfaces

Disinfecting hard surfaces like countertops isn’t usually a challenge. All it takes is a damp cloth and a disinfectant spray. Soft surfaces like carpets and couches are a whole other ballgame. Simply spraying air freshener on them will get rid of any smells but isn’t sufficient to get into the material and disinfect it. Cleaning these areas effectively requires the proper supplies, time, and a little bit more elbow grease than normal. Most professional cleaners will bring their own cleaning supplies that are specifically formulated for different surfaces.  


Maintaining Strict Hygiene & Sanitization

Once your home is effectively cleaned and disinfected, professional cleaners will then take the time to attend to their tools and supplies. Brushes, sponges, and rags are typically thrown out between houses and everything else is sanitized. Items thrown away are disposed of safely so that they don’t have a chance to spread any germs. What all this means is that the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated. Homeowners don’t need to worry that the virus will travel with their cleaning team. 

Professional cleaning can help you relax in your home, knowing that it is a safe space for your whole family. For a free estimate, contact our team at Zanjani Cleaning Services. 

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