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Clean Before Move-In Inspection

How to Clean Up Before a Move-In Inspection

Getting ready for a new tenant to move into your rental property can be a lot of work. Before the move-in inspection, you are responsible for repairing any damage, fixing existing issues, and cleaning up the space. Having a cleaning checklist makes the process a lot easier and ensures that you leave your property sparkling clean for your new tenant. Follow these steps on how to clean up before the move-in inspection: 


Deep Clean

In order to prepare for a move-in inspection, it is important to do a deep clean of every room on the property. This means cleaning all surfaces, inside and out, including baseboards, windows, appliances, and fixtures. It is also important to declutter and organize the space so that the inspector can easily see all areas of the property.


Pay special attention to the kitchen

Be sure to clean the stovetop, backsplash, and countertops in your kitchen. Next, clean out the fridge, oven, and other appliances. If you have a dishwasher, run it empty with hot water and detergent. Take a look at the cabinets and drawers and make sure they are free of any food or crumbs. Finally, wipe down all the surfaces and make sure there is no food or grease build-up.


Ensure the bathroom is spotless

Clear everything out of the bathroom that is not permanently attached to the room. Once it’s cleared out, clean the toilet and be sure to scrub the bowl, seat, and tank. Next, move on to the sink and scrub the sink basin, and faucet. Don’t forget to scrub the tub, shower, and anything else that is attached to the tub. Make sure all surfaces are wiped down and there is no soap scum or mildew build-up.


Vacuum and mop

After cleaning all the rooms, it’s time to vacuum and mop all the floors to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. Pay special attention to corners and under furniture where dirt and dust tend to accumulate.


Get rid of garbage and debris 

Remember to remove all garbage and debris before the move-in inspection to ensure that the property looks clean and is free of any potential health hazards. It will also help to create a better first impression for the new tenants.


Remove all personal items 

Make sure you remove all personal items from the unit so the inspector can get a clear view of the property. This includes items such as pictures, furniture, and clothing.



If there are any repairs that need to be made, make sure they are completed before the inspection. It is always a good idea to do repairs before the move-in inspection because it shows that you are taking care of the property and that you are willing to fix any issues that may come up. 


Following these steps will help your cleaning process feel a lot less overwhelming before the move-in inspection. If you’re looking for a professional and reliable company that will take care of your cleaning needs before a move-in inspection, contact our friendly team at Zanjani Cleaning Service today!

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