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Bring Spring Cleaning to Your Office Desktop

Minimalism is quite the buzzword lately, giving lots of advice on how to declutter your home. Even if you aren’t ready to live in a miniature house, apply some of that minimalism to your office desk. It’s easy to get lost within the mess of a busy work schedule. Like many Calgarians, you’ll spend 40 hours a week at your job, usually in the same place. Often, we put down that morning Starbucks or loose memo without thinking. We’ve simplified the process on how to get your office desk clean, and improve your productivity.

Why Make the Time It’s tough to prioritize cleaning at work when you’re facing deadlines, but an empty desk will improve your focus and mood. Having multiple projects on your desk is distracting. When other deadlines are physically scattered around you, you are always aware of them, which overloads your brain and worries you. A clean desk makes it easy to stay focused on a single task, stress free. Plus, when you arrive in the morning, your mood won’t be ruined by an unsightly, overpacked desk. Impress your colleagues by proving you are a reliably organized and clean coworker.

How to Get Started It’s important to start small, so you don’t get discouraged right away. Look around, what is on your desk that you can throw away immediately? Toss those old wrappers and coffee cups. If there are projects on your desk that can be completed in under 30 minutes, do them now. Pile up often occurs because we postpone the less time sensitive, simple tasks. Clear them away by finishing them. Sort what’s left into four piles: keeping, shredding, trashing, and moving elsewhere. Make sure to follow through on the organization. Actually use your drawers! Use one to hide supplies like staplers, pens, and sticky notes. Keep long term projects in another drawer. Only work you’ll be completing that day should be on your desk. Place a trash can within reach, so garbage is never put on your desk.

Digital Help Most Calgary homes and offices rely on computers, and they can be an important tool for reducing paper waste. Simple Contacts and Tasks programs can help you keep track of your important info without a thousand sticky notes. If you’re not sure you need certain papers, but aren’t ready to toss them, use a scanner so you won’t be taking up space with excess files. Use computer writing programs like Word to summarize important memos and notes about group projects. However, you have to make sure your computer desktop is organized too. Limit technological distractions and make sure your files are easily labelled and sorted, so you don’t waste time later.

Bring minimalism into your office today by doing a little bit of decluttering and improve your work experience. If you find yourself too tired after a long day at the office to start spring cleaning at home, call Zanjani Cleaning. Our flexibles rates and schedules can help you get rid of that junk you’ve been hoarding, or just finish the housekeeping before you return home. We are also happy to clean out your home office or discuss how you can bring our commercial cleaning into your offices.

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