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Need More Room? A Proper Cleaning Could Open up the Space you Need

Does your space feel cluttered and overwhelming? Do you seem to have more things than places to put them? Does your house feel more like a dungeon than a home? If this sounds familiar, you may find relief in a good, deep clean. You’d be surprised how a tidied area can reveal more space than you thought you had! 

Brighten Up the Space 

Throw open the curtains, scrub the windows, dust all the hard surfaces, and wipe down the walls. The more natural light, the better. Darkness gives the illusion that a space is smaller and more cramped than it actually is. It’s difficult to take advantage of an area when your eyes are tricking you into thinking there’s not much to work with. Light, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It can make an area appear bright and open. Cleaning the windows helps that light enter a room, and removing dirt and grime from other surfaces allows that light to bounce around more easily.

Know What You’re Working With

Now that you can really see what’s going on in a space, you can get a clear idea of what you’re working with. Is that pile of paperwork really necessary on the coffee table? Why is there laundry crumpled up on the couch? Do you actually need separate cabinets for your television, speakers, and gaming systems or can you combine them into one? Go through your chosen space Marie Kondo style and get rid of anything you don’t need or love. Take out items that don’t belong and return them to their designated rooms. 

Organizational Acumen

Take a look at what you’re left with. At this point, everything in this space is what you hope to keep in this space and suddenly you actually have the room to place it. The math is pretty simple for this one: the fewer things you have, the fewer things you need to find a place to put away. You can also take this opportunity to implement new organization strategies that can help you keep the newly tidied space in mint condition. From shelving to caddies, bins to ceiling space, there are hundreds of great organizational solutions you can use to tailor the room.  


The result of all this hard work is more usable square footage. Now that you can actually see it, you may be inspired to reimagine the space entirely. Basements, garages, and even kitchens can be transformed into rec rooms, work areas, or entertainment rooms. All it takes is a good cleaning; don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you’re ready to take full advantage of your space and need a helping hand, reach out to our team of professional cleaners at Zanjani Cleaning to help get you started!

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