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The Link Between Clutter and Mental Health

Do you find that your dirty dishes pile up, dust bunnies collect in the corners of your rooms, or that grit builds up on the floor? Is your bathroom growing mildew, your windows covered with streaks and splatters? Many people find that the state of their home reflects the state of their mind.

Clutter and Depression

Clutter and mess around the home can be both a cause and a result of depression. Some psychological studies have found that, particularly in women, clutter can increase the amount of stress hormone in our bodies. High levels of stress are unhealthy for both body and mind, and clutter can leave you feeling anxious, helpless, overwhelmed, and even depressed. Depression can also make it more difficult to feel motivated and able to clean. If you have depression, you may be able to get started on cleaning, but tire quickly and lack the stamina to finish the task.

Why Does Mess Cause Stress?

We can see that a clear link exists between mess and stress, but why is this so? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Clutter increases the stimulation our senses are subjected to, in sight, smell, and touch. This means that our brains have to work overtime to process so much unnecessary data.
  2. All this stimulation makes it difficult to physically and mentally relax.
  3. Mess can induce feelings of guilt or embarrassment, and even make you less likely to invite friends over.
  4. Clutter reduces productivity and can increase frustration when you can’t find what you need.

Getting Organized

Having a home that’s clean, tidy, and organized is good for your mental and physical health. Tidying up means you’re less likely to trip or be exposed to germs, and makes it easier to find your medications or exercise gear. If you feel proud of your home, you’re more likely to invite friends over, which is good for your mental health as well. But how can you go from disaster zone to clean, inviting home?

  1. If the mess isn’t too bad, you can try tackling it yourself.
  2. Feel overwhelmed? Start to make headway with sorting your clutter into those things that you need and love, broken things to throw out or recycle, and things in good shape that you no longer need to be donated.
  3. Call in the cavalry! A professional cleaning company like Zanjani Cleaning Services can help you get the jump-start you need to feel proud of your home again. Whether you need a regular wipe down or an occasional deep-clean, our trained cleaning professionals can do the job quickly and well.

When your home has sparkling clean surfaces, and clear windows that let the sun shine in brightly, it can do wonders for your mental health. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, please seek help from a qualified health professional. And if you want to give your life a clean slate to try again, why not start with a clean house? Give us a call at 403-668-1665 or try our online booking system to get an estimate for our high-quality professional cleaning services.

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