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3 Spring Tips for the Best Summer Lawn - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

3 Spring Tips for the Best Summer Lawn

We are counting down the days until summer, so it’s time to get moving on lawn preparation! Whether it’s your yard at home or in front of your business, lawn care is an important part of perfecting the summer mood. You want something lush and green you can sink your feet into, but getting that perfectly even, grassy lawn in the Calgary heat can be more difficult than imagined. Here are some last minute steps to ensure your yard doesn’t turn into a wasteland!

  1. Take Care of Uneven Ground. This can be a difficult task depending on where you’re located, but it will be worth it in the long run. Uneven ground causes major issues for your potential plant growth, especially poor drainage. Any watering you do will sink into the low spots of your yard and drown the grass there. Higher areas will be left with dry soil and not enough nutrients. Uneven ground can also cause poor mowing, meaning grass in the upper area gets cut too short. Grab a shovel and dig into the areas that are too high; loosening up the soil should also help with growth. Don’t forget to fill in those low areas with some new dirt!
  2. Know What Seeds Are Best for You. Re-seeding your lawn may seem simple, but there’s a couple things to know if you want your yard to have a long and vibrant life. You’ll need to make some considerations when choosing your seeds, like how much sunlight your grass will see. Considering the Calgary climate, we recommend investing in a quality, drought-tolerant blend. This is not the place to save money! Talk to experts to ensure you get a good combination of species that are high in germination and purity. The three common varieties that work well for Albertans are Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Rye Grass, and Creeping Red Fuscue.
  3. Use Fertilizer and Herbicide Properly. These can help your lawn grow thick quickly, which is a good idea if you’re only just getting started. Be careful though, if you use too much or too little, both fertilizer and herbicides can end up damaging your lawn permanently. A slow-release nitrogen fertilizer should do the trick. The earlier you get started in the season with fertilizer, the better, so we recommend heading out to the store today. The effectiveness of herbicides varies based on when it’s used, so always do your research and read instructions carefully. Many herbicides will also stop new grass seeds from germinating, so try spot treating your lawn first.

It can be fairly tricky to keep your yard a gorgeous green all summer long.  Careful lawn maintenance, including balancing herbicides and fertilizer, can feel like a lot to worry about. However, it’s worth it to give your business or residence that healthy appearance.

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